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Domestic Violence

Treating PTSD

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) is an evidence-based therapy that has been shown to be effective in reducing the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Domestic violence is a traumatic experience and can result in the development of PTSD. Most clients at Genesis experience PTSD symptoms after the verbal, emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse they experience…

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How to receive legal help


Did you know that Genesis offers free legal services to clients in Dallas County? The Genesis Legal Department has attorneys on staff that can represent Genesis clients in her family law case.  If you are a woman who has experienced intimate partner violence and is seeking legal services for your divorce, custody case or protective…

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What is a Coordinated Community Response?

Team of People in Meeting

At Genesis, we are grateful to be part of a community that offers many different avenues of support for those experiencing domestic violence. Police officers, prosecutors, advocates, healthcare professionals and other invested community members strive to provide the best services possible for victims while holding offenders accountable. In order to accomplish that goal, we work…

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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising!

Introducing a new way to support Genesis!

At Genesis, helping women who have experienced domestic violence is our core mission. We know that there is hope, and with your help we can end domestic violence. New as of today, you can create and personalize your own fundraising page and invite family and friends to contribute! This is known as Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Fundraising. …

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Dear friends & family: leaving abuse

Woman with checklist

One of the most common calls we get at Genesis is concerned friends and family asking how to best help their loved one get away from the abuse she is experiencing. These callers are usually scared, angry and confused, and feel helpless and overwhelmed. They have lots of questions, and ask how to get their…

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Shame & Domestic Violence

Woman looking down in shame

“Should” is shame; use of the word “should” indicates a shame statement is to follow. I should be thinner. I should read more. I should watch less TV. I should be stronger. I should be a better mom. I should be able to handle this. I should have known. I should have left. I should…

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Revenge Porn as an Abuse Tactic

Woman holding cell phone

When we talk about the different tactics abusers use to inflict power, control and pain on their partners within intimate relationships, we often focus on verbal, physical or financial abuse. But our connected, digital world has produced a new kind of abuse that many women experience but often feel shame and embarrassment around: revenge porn.…

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How to navigate a divorce or custody battle

Photo of wedding rings

The process of divorce or establishing custody of children is an intimidating and difficult process for all people. Going through litigation with an abusive partner often only amplifies these emotions and experiences. Within the Genesis Legal Program, we firmly believe that preparation is key. The more you can prepare for court, the less anxiety you…

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When a Survivor Enters Emergency Shelter

A small brown leather suitcase sits on top of a larger, similar suitcase. The top suitcase is open and frilly linens spill out of it.

As an advocate who has worked at Genesis’ emergency shelter for seven years, I meet a variety of women from wide backgrounds. Regardless of where they come from, they all have one thing in common: they left an abusive situation, often in a hurry with only the clothes on their backs. Even if they were…

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A Day in the Life

Stakcs of folded clothing surround a woman sitting with her legs crossed on the floor.

Everyone needs safe, decent, stable housing. For some of our most vulnerable clients with safety concerns, the need for confidential housing to get back on her feet to independence is critical. At Genesis, we’re proud of our ability to support women in our transitional housing program, Annie’s House, for up to a year. Each woman…

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