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From the moment a woman steps into Genesis at Lucas, she will know that she is
safe, supported and believed.

A comprehensive continuum of care awaits...

  • Doubling our counseling team so we can double our impact.

  • Adding full-time attorneys, support staff and a permanent family law library.

  • Establishing an institute that elevates the conversation around domestic violence.

  • Advancing access to critical services to meet the needs of women and children.

With emerging evidence-based care like no other...

  • Trauma-informed childcare, sensory, art and
    expressive counseling, plus an outdoor play space for repetitive
    movement therapy.

  • Expanded, no-cost civil legal representation for women and their children escaping abuse.

  • Expanding our crisis response with accelerated access to domestic violence services through the addition of text, chat and virtual services.

  • A formal education institute to advance the study and awareness of domestic violence.

How it's different

The new building will be twice the size of the old
We will welcome 30 new staff members
Four new service initiatives
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One in three women experience intimate partner abuse in Texas, and many assaults go unreported due to fear.

Women deserve better and children deserve a happy childhood.

Genesis is determined to create a future without domestic violence.

Research suggests that when trauma is treated with clinical counseling and support services, healing, long-term recovery and hope for an abuse-free future are possible. Texas can do better, and Dallas can lead the way to a future where home is a place of safety, shelter and support.

Over the past 35 years, Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support has led more than 40,000 women and children to safety. Our promise to the future is to guarantee these services continue for as long as they are needed and to give women and their children their lives back.


We are focused on one thing: healing the trauma of domestic violence. Join us to build a center of excellence, because women and children trapped by abuse cannot wait.

For more information about the facility and how to make a donation, contact Maria MacMullin, Chief Impact Officer, at or 214.389.7729.