Woman and child embracing

Everything we do takes us one step closer to ending domestic violence.

Our services are designed to help the women and children affected by domestic abuse in our community find a safe way to create the abuse-free lives they deserve.


Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support exists to help women and children live abuse-free lives. From our emergency shelter, to our counseling services available at our office, we have geared our services to provide women with the help and guidance they need most.

“For the call that comes at 2 in the morning, when a woman is run out of her house with only the clothes on her back - getting her help is our core mission.”

- Jan Edgar Langbein, CEO

Whether a woman is in a fight for her life, or trying to heal from the emotional scars of her past, we want to provide her with hope and help on her journey.

You deserve to feel safe and loved. We can help you get there.

Emergency Shelter

Our emergency shelter is at an undisclosed location so women escaping a dangerous relationship can feel safe and confident that her abuser will not find her. We provide housing for women and their families for up to 8 weeks in order to help them get back on their feet.

Transitional Housing

After a woman has been at our emergency shelter for 8 weeks, she may still be in need of assistance to get her life in order. Annie’s House provides a transitional home to help her rediscover her independence.

Counseling Services

Our counseling services are available at our shelter as well as through our office. Whether it is for a single woman, a teen, or a mom and her children, we provide professional counseling services to help her cope and know she is not alone in her journey towards healing from abuse. We also offer a Friends and Family Group for those who have a loved one experiencing domestic violence.

Legal Services

Navigating the legal process can feel intimidating for anyone, but particularly for women who have experienced violence in their relationship. The Genesis legal team provides a variety of services including direct representation, advisement in how you can litigate your case yourself and connecting you with an attorney through our network of pro bono community attorneys.

For services & support, call or text our 24/7 helpline:

214.946.HELP (4357)