Many hands come together with a painted red heart.

Thinking about volunteering? Whether it is your first venture into volunteering or you are a seasoned helper, we would love to have you and your skillset at Genesis!

Get started

The process begins with filling out a volunteer application and background check online. Then, attend a volunteer orientation at the Genesis Outreach Office on Lemmon Avenue, offered twice a month. Many volunteer opportunities are available – whether you choose weekly or random occasions, you are serving your community and are so appreciated by the Genesis staff and clients! At Genesis, we depend heavily on volunteers to accomplish all we do, so we thank you for donating your time!

Pick your passion

Once these steps are complete, you can sign up for projects and events. Genesis has childcare opportunities at the counseling center Mondays through Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Playing a game, reading a book, making a puzzle or constructing the longest wood block train track is not only fun – it means so much for the kiddos. You are helping boost a child’s self-esteem by giving encouragement and your time.

Court partnership is another ongoing opportunity. Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, volunteers attend Protective Order Court to monitor proceedings. Volunteers take notes of the court proceedings: Was a protective order granted? Were gun regulations observed by the court? Did you observe any bias toward participants? Is there any other information you feel is pertinent? And don’t worry – before you ever enter the courtroom, we’ll make sure you’re trained and ready for whatever you may expect.

Many random opportunities also arise during the year; helping Genesis staff send out mail, assisting at an event, front office help, packing backpacks for school, helping at holiday and more.

Both individuals and groups are welcomed. All opportunities are scheduled directly with the volunteer manager, Lottie Price. She will be happy to discuss available projects from providing and serving a meal, to assisting with donations organization, to kitchen prep and cleaning and more.

To learn more about volunteering, visit or contact Lottie Price at or 214.389.7701.

Written by Lottie Price, volunteer manager at Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support