White mug with hot cocoa

It’s Transformation Season!

Changing seasons that beckon holiday celebrations create transformations all around us – leafless trees become sparkling landscapes of ornaments and twinkling lights, houses and shops are wearing their holiday-best, the weather cools and we seek out a warm mug of cocoa by the fireside with our favorite people. And as we witness these seasonal transformations both in our environment and among loved ones, we are often ourselves inspired, reflecting on what transformations we might influence through our own lives, how we can contribute to changing the landscape for the good of all people.

Transformations cause a major shift in whatever needs changing. Often, transformations take time and focused effort to achieve intended results, which are typically intended for the benefit of many. They also require giving something of oneself to the process – that might include time, talent or treasure. The same can be said of charitable giving. If we want our donations to be transformational or at least part of a great transformation, we must give with that intent. This is much easier than it seems! Here are a few simple steps you can take toward transformation with your next charitable donation (and you can do all this fireside with your favorite people, cocoa optional).

Find your passion.

What cause or need gets you up in the morning or keeps you awake at night? Make that list and focus on those things. If you are reading this on the Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support site, perhaps your passion is the Genesis mission to provide safety, shelter and support for women who have experienced domestic violence, and to raise awareness regarding its cause, prevalence and impact. In that case, great! You are one step closer to transforming the lives of women and children!

Find your purpose.

Within the items you listed as your passion, how do you see yourself making a transformation at this moment in time? This is your current, personal ability to contribute to a cause you are passionate about. Perhaps you can make a large cash donation, volunteer your time, donate goods or services. Once you identify your own contribution(s) revisit this list frequently to stay energized about your passion.

Make it happen.

Once you identify your passion and how you want to help, go for it! Volunteer, make a donation, do your part in the transformation. It takes contributions of all forms and sizes to make a transformation, so get started!

At Genesis, we are transforming lives through domestic violence prevention, education, counseling, shelter and support all with the purpose to end the cycle of abuse. If the Genesis mission is your passion we would LOVE your support!

Some ideas to help you find your purpose at Genesis. What best describes you?

You – love to make things beautiful and create a memorable holiday experience.

  • Help us wrap holidays gifts by donating wrapping, ribbons and bows!

You – have a business or connections to a business that can donate goods or services.

  • Call us to discuss our holiday wish list so we can transform the holiday season for women and children!

You – have time to volunteer and want to make a difference every day.

  • Contact us to become a Genesis volunteer.

You – want to make an even bigger impact and have the capacity to make a cash or stock donation.

  • Donate online or contact our office to discuss giving options and naming opportunities that transform the lives women and children!

To make things happen you must get started. The transformation awaits and we just cannot wait to meet you! Contact our “transformation specialists” at 214-389-7700 to volunteer, donate and transform lives. We look forward to hearing from you!

Written by Maria MacMullin, senior director of major gifts at Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support