Giving Goods to Genesis

Can you imagine going to your first day of school without a backpack and the school supplies you need for the year ahead? We believe no child should go to school without the tools they need to succeed. At Genesis, we host a Back-to-School drive where our supporters bring donations of school supplies! Through this drive in 2019, we supplied more than 500 fully-stocked backpacks so that the kiddos at Genesis can go back to school ready to learn.

Several weeks ago, I made a trip to the store with money that a donor had designated for school supplies. While I was checking out with a mountain of supplies – not one but TWO people donated money for me to go back into the store and purchase the additional items we needed. Both had overheard me chatting with an employee, and decided that they wanted to contribute in any way possible. At Genesis, we know that when we all do what we can with what we have, it makes a bigger impact than can be put into numbers.

Part of our mission is to instill dignity and hope back into our clients. For so long, many of our clients have been told that they are not worth it or they don’t deserve to have the things they need. One way we work toward this goal is by only providing them with brand new, unused items, further instilling the idea that they DO deserve nice, brand-new things, and that they are worthy of it. By donating goods to Genesis — what we refer to as “in-kind donations” — you are contributing to the growth and restoration of so many women and children.

If you would like more information about hosting a donation drive, current needs or anything else regarding in-kind donations, please reach out to Mackenzie Duncan at 214.389.7775 or We keep an updated list of our most-needed items on our website at

Written by Mackenzie Duncan, in-kind donations coordinator at Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support