Every 9 seconds, a woman is abused by someone she thought she trusted.

Not only is domestic violence a national epidemic, it’s happening at an alarming rate close to home. Each year, more than 180,000 incidents are reported in Texas alone.

Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support was created to give those women a way out. With 33 years of experience, Genesis has helped more than 1,300 women and children escape abuse each year by sharing the powerful message—that there is help and there is hope.

The truth is, domestic violence can affect anyone regardless of race, age, status or religion. It’s a string of intentional abusive behaviors fueled by his desire to exercise power and control another person. This type of abuse often exists behind closed doors, muted by isolation, thriving in secret—but it does not define her.

Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support is here not only to guide her to safety, but to completely eliminate domestic violence through raising awareness and educating our community.

So, how can we begin to create a world without domestic violence? By coming together. Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support is partnering with Ad 2 Dallas to inspire a societal shift of how we think and talk about domestic abuse.

Together, we can stand up for every woman that lives in fear of the person they love.

But we need your help.

The first step to ending domestic violence is learning about it. Find out how you can make a difference and stay tuned for weekly blogs that take a unique look into topics inspired by our mission to effectively end domestic violence for good.


Christin Workman



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