Happy 2020!

If you’re one of the 40% to 45% of Americans who make a New Year’s resolution each year, chances are you probably want to focus on your physical health. Some goals consistently stay in the top 10 list of New Year’s resolutions, including dieting or eating healthier, exercising more, quitting smoking and drinking less alcohol.

But what about the goals that you can’t measure numerically? What about the goals that fill your life with meaning, like giving back or finding your purpose? Naval Ravikant says to focus on “Three things in life – your health, your mission, and the people you love. That’s it.”

If your goal is to have a mission-focused 2020, we’ve made it easier than ever. Skim through the list below, see what stands out to you and jump in!

Clean Out Your Closet

What better way to start the New Year than by cleaning out the clutter from your life? Whether you only have a shirt or two to get rid of, or you’ve decided that nothing you own sparks joy, there’s a place where you can donate clothing, household items, furniture and more. And what’s even better is that women who have experienced domestic violence can shop for free. This is especially impactful because each client can pick out what she needs for her unique situation – whether that’s furniture for a new apartment or a dress to wear to a job interview.

Simply by donating your items, you can join us in our mission to end domestic violence and become a part of the solution. We even provide drive-through services so you never have to leave your car, unless you want to come in and shop! Learn more here.

Give Back

Have you heard of the Heart-to-Heart program? The Genesis Heart-to-Heart program allows you to join a community of supporters who have pledged to donate monthly to ending domestic violence – whether that means $5, $50, $500 or another amount of your choosing. When you join, you stand with other like-minded and impact-focused supporters. And, it’s convenient because you pick an amount that’s affordable for you, and only have to enter your information once! Learn more here.

Volunteer Your Time

Whether you choose to get involved with Genesis on a weekly basis or just once, there are many volunteer opportunities to match your passion, interest and skillset. Maybe you’d like to join us and feed the women and children staying at our emergency shelter, or maybe you’d prefer to watch our kiddos while mom is receiving counseling. When you volunteer, you give back to your community in more ways than you could imagine. View our volunteer opportunities here.

Written by Amy Ridings, director of communications at Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support