Woman wearing glasses

At ReadingGlasses.com and Goo Goo Eyes of Dallas, we are excited about supporting the Genesis Women’s Shelter. It doesn’t take 20/20 eyesight to know the challenge is great, with so many in need of a helping hand right now. It is our sincere hope that by bringing additional resources to the fight against domestic violence, we can play a small part in affecting positive change for women and their families’ lives. We hope that our donation of reading glasses will help give women confidence in their professional wardrobe as they seek new employment opportunities or return to the workplace. Fresh starts can lead to amazing things and a fresh look is a great way to start things moving.

As those who have rejoined the workforce know, when interviewing, your chances are enhanced by being dressed professionally. Something as simple as a new pair of glasses can improve presentation, but the real benefit is what it does to a person’s confidence knowing not only will they be able to read what they need to with ease, but have a pair of glasses that they feel good about wearing.

Women and children who encounter domestic violence are often forced to flee their homes quickly, leaving behind things dear to them. That is why that in addition to the reading glasses donation, ReadingGlasses.com and Goo Goo Eyes will be donating $2,500 to provide toys for children in such high-stress situations over the Holidays. ReadingGlasses.com and Goo Goo Eyes are committed to positively impacting the lives of women and children and believe that positive change requires action, starting at home.

Written by Susan Stamper, Controller at Ready Reading Glasses Inc.