Redefining Masculinity: Navigating the Challenges of Raising Boys in a Toxic Society

November 6, 2023

Genesis The Podcast Season 3, Episode 6 The 21st century brings a unique set of challenges when it comes to raising boys. In a world that grapples with toxic masculinity, the task of guiding sons through this societal terrain becomes increasingly complex. In our recent podcast episode Jordyn Lawson and Maria MacMullin, two boy moms,…

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Los Abecé de Maneras en Cómo Lidiar con las Emociones

October 26, 2023

Aquí en Génesis ayudamos a mujeres y niños que han sido afectados por el abuso doméstico. Una de las maneras que ayudamos es enseñando maneras en cómo lidiar con las emociones. Encontrar cosas que pueden ayudar a mejorar su bienestar en momentos difíciles es muy importante. Mucha de las veces, en nuestra comunidad hispana, nos…

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Evan Stark: Coercive Control and Its Damaging Impact on Children

October 25, 2023

Season 3, Episode 5 Coercive control is a subtle form of domestic violence that is often overlooked but leaves lasting scars on its victims. In our latest podcast episode, we discuss this pervasive form of abuse with renowned Professor Emeritus, social worker and author Evan Stark, focusing on its damaging impact on children. Evan Stark’s…

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Confronting Domestic Violence and Femicide in Honduras

October 11, 2023

A Deep Dive Into Grassroots Initiatives, Challenges and Opportunities Season 3, Episode 4   Confronting domestic violence and femicide in Honduras is a formidable challenge. This struggle forms the heart of our latest podcast episode, where we delve into the realities of these issues and the urgent need for solutions.   Domestic violence is a…

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Occupational Therapy at Genesis

September 19, 2023

Occupational Therapy (OT) has been referred to at Genesis as the missing piece in the healing puzzle, but it may be hard to understand what Occupational Therapy is just based on the name. When you hear the word “occupations” you are likely to think about employment. When Occupational Therapists talk about occupations, they are referring…

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Unraveling the Impact of Domestic Violence on Parent-Child Attachment

September 11, 2023

Understanding the profound impact of domestic violence on the parent-child bond is essential for mental health professionals, social workers, and the public alike. This intricate connection is the focal point of our latest podcast episode, where we had the privilege of speaking with Ruth Guerreiro, Chief Clinical Officer of Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support. During…

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From Trauma to Truth: A Conversation with Dr. Judith Herman

September 5, 2023

The aftermath of gender-based violence is a complex web of trauma that often remains misunderstood. To address this reality, we launched season 3 of Genesis The Podcast with a profound conversation with Dr. Judith Herman, a notable figure in the field of trauma studies. Her dedication to understanding trauma and supporting survivors has paved the…

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April 11, 2023

This April marks the 22nd anniversary of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. A month intended to focus awareness on the epidemic that is sexual violence and to inspire all of us toward action. The National Crime Victimization Survey tells us that in this country every 68 seconds someone is sexually assaulted and every 9 minutes one…

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Indigenous Communities and DV

November 14, 2022

At Genesis, we often will speak to the fact that domestic violence knows no single race, religion, ability, socioeconomic status, or culture. However,  it is important to recognize that while domestic violence is pervasive in all communities, some communities see greater rates of domestic violence and are impacted by culturally-situated forms of abuse. This is…

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What I Hope She Remembers: A Therapist’s Perspective

October 17, 2022

I have been working with survivors of domestic violence for over four years as a Women’s and Children’s Therapist. In this time, I have had the privilege of witnessing the healing of so many women and children. I find that almost all the survivors I have interacted with have very similar struggles and work through…

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