17th Annual Lecture Series Part 2 Recap: Identity Theft

May 8, 2024

For 17 years, Genesis Women’s Shelter has offered a year-round Lecture Series of educational speaking engagements to raise awareness around the many facets of domestic violence, and to improve our community’s response to abuse. Each year our Lecture Series has an overarching theme that is broken down into four different parts, each exploring different ideas…

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Genesis the Podcast: Lies Abusive Men Tell Me and Themselves

April 23, 2024

Lies Abusive Men Tell Me and Themselves: A conversation with Lundy Bancroft Season 3 Episode 16 Understanding the complex nature of abusive relationships and the path to empowerment is a critical discussion that deserves attention. In this episode of Genesis The Podcast, expert Lundy Bancroft provides an in-depth look at the hidden mechanics of abuse,…

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Genesis The Podcast: At The Intersection of Addiction and Violence

April 9, 2024

At the Intersection of Addiction and Violence: The complex connection between substance use and abuse Season 3, Episode 15 The interconnection between addiction and domestic violence is intricate and profound. On this episode of Genesis the Podcast, host Maria MacMullin offers a deep dive into the invisible threads that bind these two social crises through…

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Genesis the Podcast: Overcoming Adversity

March 11, 2024

Overcoming Adversity: Twyla M. Marks on Resilience, Forgiveness, and the Fight for Family Season 3, Episode 13 The journey to healing and reclaiming one’s life after enduring the rigors of adversity is a narrative that resonates with many. Twyla M. Marks’ story, as shared in the latest podcast episode, is a compelling account of such…

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The conversation we need to have: Tips for talking with your kids about dating violence.

February 26, 2024

Entering the realm of teenage years can bring a whirlwind of firsts—first loves, first heartbreaks, and, for many, the first glimpse into the complexities of relationships. Yet, amidst the excitement of navigating these newfound emotions, there is a sobering reality that parents and teens alike must confront: the prevalence of teen dating violence.    It is…

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Genesis The Podcast: Policing with Compassion

January 30, 2024

Policing with Compassion: Responses to Domestic Violence and Child Abuse from Survivor, Mark Wynn Season 3, Episode 10 When we consider the harrowing impact of domestic violence, it is often the immediate physical harm that comes to mind. However, the shadows cast by such trauma extend far beyond the bruises and scars, affecting the psyche…

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Genesis The Podcast: From Memory to Memoir

January 16, 2024

From Memory to Memoir: Rachel Louise Snyder tells the story of her life In the realm of storytelling, few narratives are as gripping and transformative as those that stem from personal trials and the quest for redemption. The latest episode of our podcast features Rachel Louise Snyder, who gives a candid and raw account of…

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Unveiling the Complexities of Self-Defense Claims in Domestic Violence Cases

December 19, 2023

Season 3, Episode 8 In the latest episode of our podcast, we took an in-depth look into the intricacies of self-defense claims in domestic violence cases. Kelsey McKay, a seasoned attorney and founder of Respond Against Violence, joined us to provide expert insights into the complexities involved in such cases. Self-defense claims in domestic violence…

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Safety Planning for Extended Visitations

December 18, 2023

The holiday season can be especially challenging for women and children who have experienced domestic violence. In custody agreements where dad has regular visitations, he may have extended visitations during winter and summer holidays. For these visits, moms may want to talk to their children about safety planning. Each situation is unique and therefore, planning…

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Genesis The Podcast: Behind the Courtroom Door

November 29, 2023

Behind the Courtroom Door: Understanding the Role of Expert Witnesses in Domestic Violence Trials Season 3 Episode 7 Understanding the role of expert witnesses in domestic violence trials can be challenging. This episode of Genesis The Podcast offers invaluable insights, unraveling the intricacies of these cases. Our guests, Genesis Chief Clinical Officer Ruth Guerreiro and…

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