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Students Tackle Abusive Relationships


STAR was founded to give teens in Dallas a chance to come together in support of the Genesis mission. We believe that the younger we are when we become involved in bettering the world around, the more opportunities we have to lead a fulfilling and positive life. STAR gives students the chance to teach others around them the importance of domestic violence awareness, particularly surrounding teen dating violence.

Members of STAR have the opportunity to volunteer at Genesis and help us further our message to the next generation so they can be a part of ending domestic violence. We are now accepting STAR membership applications for the 2023-2024 school year!

To learn more about teen dating violence and hear the perspectives of students, parents and professionals, visit our blog frequently.

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For more information on STAR, please contact: Nicole Berg, Volunteer Manager, at 214.389.7701 or

Stand up against domestic violence and inspire your peers to do the same.



Stand up against domestic violence and inspire your peers to do the same.

Abuse affects all of us. It’s our time to make a difference for our future.

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    Thank you for your interest in the STAR (Students Tackle Abusive Relationships) auxiliary at Genesis Women's Shelter & Support! Please feel free to share this application with friends and prospective members who may be interested in joining the program. Students will be invited to participate in volunteer opportunities at the Genesis Shelter, attend educational meetings, organize donation drives, and brainstorm creative ways to engage their peers in our work. Students may apply this toward any service hours required for school or another organization. If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Berg, Director of Community Engagement, at 214-389-7701 or
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