Understanding the intersection between faith and domestic violence.

Faith Community Coalition


At Genesis we recognize the incredible opportunity and responsibility we have to partner with faith communities to support our mission. With this in mind, we have launched the Genesis Faith Community Coalition Auxiliary.

The Faith Community Coalition's mission is to unite and mobilize faith communities to respond effectively to domestic violence by spreading awareness and providing resources. Our hope is to see congregations and leaders join Genesis in recognizing abuse within the faith community and standing up on behalf of survivors.

If you are a member of a faith community, join us in rallying your congregation and leaders to join the Faith Community Coalition. We would be honored for you to be a part of this exciting new season in the fight to end domestic violence.

Your annual membership provides access to training, information and networking opportunities.

For more information on the FCC, please contact: Elizabeth Corley, Community Engagement Manager, at 214-389-7714, ecorley@genesisshelter.org.

Congratulations to our 2017
First Ladies’ Bruncheon award winners!

Bishop Ray Campbell, Ideal Family Church
Abraham Award: Man of Faith


First Lady Cheryl Wesley,
Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church
Deborah Award for Visionary Leadership


Rev. Paul Rasmussen,
Highland Park United Methodist Church

Daughters of Zelophehad Award for Agents of Change


Mayor Mike Rawlings
Esther Award for Leadership Through Action



Dr. Hind Jarrah
Miriam Award for Community Advocacy



Sonya Dorsey
Abigail Award for Courage & Faith


We are grateful for our longtime partners at Wilshire Baptist Church, and their commitment to serving our clients. Learn more about their work, and contact us if you’d like to get your faith community more involved with Genesis.

Together our faith communities can make a difference.



Stand up against domestic violence and inspire your peers to do the same.

Abuse affects all of us. It’s our time to make a difference for our future.