In the time you read this web page, 12 women will be assaulted by an intimate partner. A mom...a sister...a daughter...a neighbor...a co-worker - each could easily be your mom, your sister, your daughter, your neighbor or your co-worker.

We know that violence against women will only decrease when men are also involved in the solution.

In 2015, we kicked off our 6th annual membership drive of our Men’s Auxiliary Group – HeROs. Being a HeRO (He Respects Others) means that you are dedicated to creating safe homes and safe communities with zero-tolerance for domestic violence.

300 men stated loudly and clearly that abuse of any kind is never acceptable. This past year the HeROs hosted BBQs at the Shelter, played golf in our annual tournament, sold Noah’s Magic Shoes, volunteered, donated and joined together with the Genesis Alliance to hear how to engage and mobilize men to respond to domestic violence. We want to keep the momentum alive!

Because men are fathers and sons and brothers, we feel strongly that you have an incredible opportunity and obligation to stand and be a HeRO in the workplace, in your faith community, on the sidelines and to be a HeRO on behalf of those who have no voice.

We are honored to know the three men featured in this Mary Kay video about redefining what it means to #‎ManUp. Bill Howell is board chair for our Conference on Crimes Against Women, and both Coach Josh Ragsdale (2015 Genesis HEROS award recipient) and Pio Del Castillo are active Genesis HeROs. Thank you for being such great examples of men who share our zero-tolerance for domestic violence. Your voice makes a difference!


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2016-2017 HeROs Board
Crayton Webb

Jason Adams
Travis Armayor
Chris Ayres
Elias Bahar
David Camp
Chief Lowell Cannaday, Ret.
David Carlock
Kendall Castello
Randy Golden
Taly Haffar
Holt Haynsworth
Clint Hennen
Bill Howell
Heath Hyde
Chris Kolczun
Andrew Marcus
Tony McGuire
Prentis Murphy
Scott Murray
David Novak
Byron Sanders
Lt. Miguel Sarmiento, Ret.
Jim Savage
Rev. R. Casey Shobe

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