Trauma on a child's brain

September 17 marks the 12th annual North Texas Giving Day, the largest community-wide giving event in the nation. Nearly $300 million dollars have been raised through Giving Day, strengthening nonprofits to build safer, more vibrant neighborhoods in the North Texas community. Genesis Women’s Shelter relies on Giving Day to raise critical funds for women and children who have experienced domestic violence. Genesis was created to give women in abusive situations a way out, and for more than 30 years, has been her first step in finding safety, shelter and support. Today, we ask you to join us in our mission!


For more than 35 years, Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support has been working to help women and children who have experienced the trauma of domestic violence… but what exactly is trauma? Trauma is a normal response to an abnormal event – an event that threatens a person’s life or life as they know it. Experiencing trauma at an early age can change the way the brain responds to otherwise “normal” external situations. Watch our 2020 Giving Day video to learn how trauma impacts a child’s brain, and see how Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support makes healing possible. This year, thanks to the generosity of our friends at Texas Irish Foundation, your support will go even further. In their dedication to healing children, Texas Irish will match the first $30,000 received for Giving Day!


To help us raise even more money, create your own FUNdraising page and leverage your network. (For simple step-by-step instructions on how to set up your own FUNdraising page, click here.) Then, share your page with your network. Send emails, share on social media… get creative! Early giving has already begun, so create your FUNdraising page today!


What better way to encourage your networks to give than by making a donation yourself? Visit to donate directly to Genesis.


If you have any questions about setting up a FUNdraising page or anything else related to Giving Day, please contact Amy Ridings at aridings@genesisshelter.orgor 214.389.7702.

Written by Amy Ridings, director of communications at Genesis Women’s Shelter