October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, but at Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support, we fight every day to give women and children in abusive situations a way out. Domestic violence impacts one in three women in Texas – more than breast cancer, ovarian cancer and lung cancer combined. And in all domestic violence cases, financial abuse is present 99 percent of the time.

Physical abuse leaves bruises and scars, but you can’t always see the signs of financial abuse. The number one reason domestic violence survivors stay in or return to abusive relationships is because they do not have the financial means to break free. To help raise awareness and funds, we are teaming up with Allstate to participate in the Purple Purse Challenge during the month of October.

If we are ever to end domestic violence, women who are experiencing abuse of any kind need to know that there is help, hope and healing. Take a glimpse into a victim’s life through a lost purse social experiment, and then help us spread the message!

Are you starting over after leaving an abusive relationship? Learn how to rebuild your finances here.



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