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Look How Far Your Donation Can Go!

$5 Donation Buys...
  • bus tickets for a week for a women to get to work
  • cleaning supplies for the shelter
  • toilet paper for the community bathroom at the shelter
$10 Donation Buys...
  • over the counter medicines for the women and children
  • after school snacks for one week
    play therapy supplies for the counselors
$25 Donation Buys...
  • school supplies for a child for one year
  • a hot meal for 10 people at the shelter
  • a co-pay at the hospital for a woman's check-up after an assault  
$50 Donation Buys...
  • a car seat for a child
  • gas for the van to charter the children to and from summer and weekend programs for one week
  • a complete apartment set-up for when the family moves to transitional housing (kitchen supplies, towels, sheets, ect)  
$100 Donation Buys...
  • electricity for 5 rooms for one month (impacting up to 50 people in one month)
  • summer crafts for all the children for one month
  • all the printing material for domestic violence education for women in support groups

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    Genesis Women's Shelter & Support is a
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    Shelter Ministries of Dallas

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