We have all heard of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and even Grandparent’s Day, but there is another day that doesn’t get the recognition that it should: National Single Parent Day, which falls on March 21st every year.

This day is meant to celebrate the 14 million single men and women who are raising children in the U.S. today, the people who are doing the job of two people to ensure the safety and growth of their precious child. Single parents come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important to take time to celebrate the successes of these single parents who are doing it alone everyday — especially given that just this last year, Texas had the fourth-largest percentage of single mothers with children under 18.

History of National Single Parent Day

In 1984, Ronald Reagan proclaimed this day in order to honor those devoted single parents and showcase the devotion and sacrifices these single parents make daily for their children.

Excerpt from Reagan’s proclamation for National Single Parent Day, 1984:

Before they are eighteen, about half of our Nation’s children will have lived part of their lives with a single parent who strives to fill the role of both mother and father.

Many single parents in America are making valiant efforts on behalf of their children under trying circumstances. Whether it is a deserted spouse forced to work and care for children simultaneously… or a widow or widower, single parents deserve our recognition and appreciation for their demonstrated dedication to their young.

Single parents can and do provide children with the financial, physical, emotional and social support they need to take their places as productive and mature citizens. With the active interest and support of friends, relatives and local communities, they can do even more to raise their children in the best possible environment.

How to Recognize National Single Parent Day

  • Take time to reach out to a single parent you know this week. Inspire them with some words of encouragement, or offer to help them with a household task.
  • Do something special for a single parent this week. Take them out to dinner, prepare a meal, or send them a small treat!
  • Offer childcare. Even just a few hours of free-time for a single parent could be greatly appreciated!
  • Use #NationalSingleParentDay to join the movement on social media.