Hand washing

Friends of Genesis,

As you are aware, there has been increasing concern around the coronavirus epidemic in our community. At Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support, we are actively monitoring the situation and are invested in the health of employees, clients and volunteers alike. We are taking all necessary precautions to prevent the potential spread of the virus. While we will continue to observe the situation and adjust as needed, current safeguards include the following:

  • At this time we plan to continue providing services to our clients, but we will be watching health department recommendations and will adjust accordingly. All locations are providing hand sanitizer and our staff members are taking extra precautions to clean and sanitize the facilities multiple times a day. Like many in our community, we are experiencing a shortage of necessary items such as hand sanitizer, antibacterial hand soap and toilet paper. As these products become available in the upcoming weeks, we would greatly appreciate any donations. To give, please contact Mackenzie Duncan at mduncan@genesisshelter.org or 214.389.7775.
  • In order to limit exposure, we have postponed all volunteers from entering our facilities for the time being. Because this includes volunteer groups who routinely prepare and serve meals, this limitation adds an unexpected layer to our emergency shelter food budget. If you feel so inclined, you may make a monetary donation here.
  • We are also holding back from attending community information fairs and speaking engagements in the near future, and appreciate your patience as we work through this process.

And remember – while avoiding public spaces can reduce the spread of the coronavirus, many survivors don’t have that luxury because staying at home isn’t safe. As always, our hotline is available 24/7 to talk through safety planning or services. Call us anytime at 214.946.HELP (4357).

Jan Langbein
Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support