Did he snap, or was it planned?

April 5, 2021

Murder-suicides are a tragic, but common, occurrence in the news. Eleven murder-suicides occur in the U.S. each week. A husband shoots his wife and four children after dinner, then turns the gun on himself. A man kills his girlfriend when she gets home from work, then takes his own life. A 60-year-old man kills his…

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Introducing our New Friends and Family Group!

March 29, 2021

Here at Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support, we work alongside survivors of domestic violence to help them find safety, support and healing from abuse. It is not uncommon for abusive partners to sabotage a survivor’s relationship with her friends and family, often isolating her completely. This makes the survivor more vulnerable and more dependent on…

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When it Rains, It Pours: Domestic Violence Amongst Disabled Victims

March 22, 2021

Women are persistently at a high risk for domestic and intimate partner violence due to such factors as a male predatory behavior, twisted power and control dynamics, pervasive rape culture, revictimization by systems, and more. The YWCA reports that domestic violence is the leading cause of injury for women ages 15-44. However, for as many…

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Child Abuse Prevention Month & Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Child Abuse Prevention and Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April 30, 2020

Even during difficult times, it’s important to remember and stand up for those who are most vulnerable. April is designated as National Child Abuse Prevention and Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and though victims and survivors of abuse should have the support they need all year long, the month-long observance brings attention and awareness to issues…

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The Telehealth Transition: What to Expect & Safety for Survivors

The Telehealth Transition: What to Expect & Safety for Survivors

April 27, 2020

We are living in an unprecedented time during this global pandemic with social distancing and stay at home orders. Counseling is just one of the many areas that people have had to adapt during stay-at-home orders. Genesis and many other domestic violence agencies are offering Telehealth services at this time to survivors. If you have…

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How video-recorded evidence plays a role in family violence cases

April 20, 2020

“Even though now the justice system’s involved in trying to protect the victim, trying to help them, they’re [victim] still very traumatized and a lot of times for various reasons they don’t wanna pursue [charges], so this alleviates that for the victim. The video evidence speaks for itself and I think it helps the justice…

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Stages of Change

Stages of Change

April 13, 2020

Oftentimes, when people hear stories about domestic violence, they quickly ask the question, “why didn’t she just leave?” At Genesis, we know that leaving is much easier said than done, as there are several factors that go into the decision to end a relationship. Change is a difficult process and not something that can be…

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Children's Activities

Keeping your children entertained while social distancing

April 6, 2020

Social distancing, while necessary, can prove to be difficult, especially for those with children. Many young children, teenagers and parents are likely experiencing levels of confusion and frustration as their schedules and routines are disrupted. As parents, you may be worried that your child’s education will be hindered or that they will quickly become bored…

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COVID-19 resources

Available resources amid COVID-19

March 24, 2020

Although it may be necessary, social distancing is not easy. If you’re like me, you may have experienced some anxiety or frustration or feel uncertain about the future. While this can be scary, it is important to know that you are not alone and there are places that you can turn to for resources and…

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Woman standing in living room

Safety planning if you’re trapped at home

March 20, 2020

While many of us are currently practicing social distancing and staying inside our homes, victims of domestic violence who are trapped with abusers don’t have the luxury of feeling safe. At Genesis, one of the most critical services we provide is safety planning, where a licensed counselor helps a survivor think through practical changes that…

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Back to the Future

Back to the Future, or Back to the Beginning?

March 18, 2020

If you’re like me, you’ve spent the past several days practicing social distancing. In addition to working from home during the day, which I am fortunate to be able to do, I’ve also been taking some time each night to unplug and unwind by reading or watching a movie. A classic film that I always…

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Woman working from home

5 action items in the age of COVID-19

March 16, 2020

Practice social distancing. The single most important thing everyone can do to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is practice social distancing. By now, you’ve most likely heard about “flattening the curve,” which is the concept of slowing the spread of the virus to decrease number of people getting sick all at once. In doing…

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Hand washing

COVID-19 Update

March 14, 2020

Friends of Genesis, As you are aware, there has been increasing concern around the coronavirus epidemic in our community. At Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support, we are actively monitoring the situation and are invested in the health of employees, clients and volunteers alike. We are taking all necessary precautions to prevent the potential spread of…

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