Beauty is Not in the Face;
Beauty is a Light in the Heart

Alissa,* a client at Genesis, was thrilled to be starting a new job as an accountant. After several months of being previously unemployed, she was financially struggling. To try to appear as presentable and professional as possible, Alissa had been using old, expired makeup. But thanks to Thrive Causemetics, a beauty brand focused on empowering women, Genesis had recently been gifted with nearly 40,000 brand new makeup products ranging from eyeliner and eyebrow pencils to liquid lip stains and mascara.

Genesis’ front office manager provided Alissa with one of everything, and even encouraged her to select which colors she preferred for her unique complexion and style. Alissa was incredibly grateful and expressed how the new makeup products washed away her feelings of self-consciousness: just holding the makeup in her hand allowed Alissa to feel more confident about starting work with dignity.

*Name changed for confidentiality

Thrive Causemetics works with nonprofits across the country that empower women in need to become their best selves. Thrive’s partner organizations help women fighting cancer, emerging from homelessness and surviving domestic violence.