When young men and women stand together, there’s no limit to what we can do.

Genesis Young Leaders


Genesis Young Leaders (GYL)is a group of young professionals, both men and women, who stand up to help stop domestic violence in the Dallas community. Founded in 2001, Genesis Young Leaders are an invaluable component in supporting our mission and promoting domestic violence awareness to other like-minded young professionals.

The mission of GYL is to eliminate family violence through volunteerism, education, and community awareness. As a part of Genesis Young Leaders, members take part in networking events and happy hours, a summer BBQ and Fall Festival, and host the hottest party of the winter season, GYL Masquerade. GYL members are advocates and educators who believe that if we all work together the spread the same message, we can put an end to domestic violence.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Corley at 214-389-7714 or ecorley@genesisshelter.org.


Be a leader in your community and take a stand against domestic violence.



Be a leader in your community and take a stand against domestic violence.

Genesis Young Leaders Board of Directors

Co-Presidents - Eve & Blake Wiley

Kamela & Kenneth Aboussie
Jessica Bair
Meredith & Taylor Baird
Tamara Boozell
Heather Carrio
Lisa Collins
Marybeth & Kevin Conlon
Ellie Couch
Anthea Danby
Brittany Dunn
Lizzie & Seth Duplantis
Sarah Eastburn
Meredith Elkins

Allison Green
Jenny & Dan Harris
Michelle Jacobs
Lear Johnson
Barrell Jones
Carolyn Key
Juliet Kroll
Lacy & David Lange
Christine Lewis
Jordi Miller
Amy Monroe
Hillary & Aaron Murff
Lindsey Obenhaus
Sally Pretorius

Amanda Reynolds
Jennifer Rivera
Lauren Sanderson
Courtney Sauer
Bethany Slomski
Molly Slusher
Barrett Smith
Beth & Marshall Smith
Jessica Spaniol
Allison Vanderwoude
Emily Walsh
Tasha Wells
Whitney & Preston Zapffe

It’s time to set an example for our generation and stand up against domestic violence.